Anonymous asked:

>goes on dating websites >expects to find grown up, decent men Standard dumb slut logic.

theyreallysaidthis answered:

Okay I’ve received tons of messages asking or criticizing WHY I’m still on okcupid.

The messages I post are THE SMALL PERCENTAGE that happen to be entertaining. I’ve actually met great, intelligent, caring guys online. So, that’s your reasoning on why I stay on online dating. We all use the fucking internet, why should dating on it be any different?

Also, I don’t know how many of you actually live in NYC but it’s hard as shit to meet people in person. Everyone is socially insecure and good guys RARELY approach girls.

Calling me a dumb slut just shows how ignorant you are. I’m most likely more educated than you are and last time I checked the definition of slut did not apply to me.

At least you can block men online. Go to bars, to clubs, even out on the street or at libraries or whatever you think is a “decent” place: men are going to be shits there, too. The difference is that I’m in physical harm’s way in such places and can’t block them. Lose-lose.

Online spaces do not create these men. Society already has. Open your goddamn eyes.